Few investments provide return as well as ongoing training. And that’s especially true in your field. Technology moves fast. KETIV training offerings are specially crafted to provide maximum benefit for the time you invest. World-class Autodesk certified trainers know how to get the best from the applications you use. And more than that, they take the time to know how they work where you work, so that the training you receive is relevant and useful.

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Custom Training

The right content at the right time.

KETIV custom training for your organization comes in many forms, each tailored to the needs of our clients. Choose from a wide selection of custom training options. We’ll help you determine the best style for your needs.

Employee development programs

  • Six- and twelve-month employee development plans
  • Advanced training
    • - Simulation
    • - Visualization
    • - Data Management

Onsite training at your facility

  • Lecture style classes
  • Lunch-n-Learn topics
  • Shoulder-to-Shoulder tutoring

Custom classes

  • Instruction using your working designs and files
  • Custom lesson plan
  • Workflows between different software titles
  • Application-based training
  • Private classes

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